Who is using all our bandwidth?

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Hi Experts,

I am managing a small network with 20 workstations (a mixture of XP, Mac OS X and Ubuntu 9.04). I believe that there is one or more workstations unknowingly using a lot of bandwidth and shutting out the others.

I am looking for a network bandwidth monitoring software (hopefully free) that monitor and log bandwidth usage of each machine. Does anyone out there have any recomendations?

Here is a snapshot of my network
Provider: Comcast cable  (12Mb/4Mb)
Modem: SMC 8104
Router: Linksys WRT54GL Running WW-WRT V23 Firmware
Switch: Netgear ProSafe 24 pt 10/100

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You should monitor this on your router not on your clients... and this is not easily possible on the linksys solutions.
You could setup NTOP. It's an opensource network monitoring tool and there are guides on how to get your dd-wrt install talking to a Ntop install. http://www.lostrealm.ca/tower/webfm_send/30 is one such guide.
Generally speaking, most bandwidth is consumed by P2P and HTTP. For internet monitoring and filtering software, I recommend "WFilter Enterprise", which can monitor all computers bandwidth. It also can produce a serial of bandwidth reports and statistics, so you will know the exact bandwidth consumed by each computer/protocol.
Product homepage: http://www.imfirewall.us
Kamran ArshadIT Associate

1st you should have a SNMP based NMS permanently setup on your network. It is also nice if you setup a proxy server and make it transparent proxy so that all network traffic is passed through that machine. This way you can control the traffic in a better way. 2nd for trouble times you can turn ON port-mirroring on your netgear switch and using wireshark check if there are any broadcasts.


For SNMP based NMS, Cacti, PRTG or Ntop will do it for you.
Cyclops3590Sr Software Engineer

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