i want to have a rule apply to a new message I receive but only after I read it.

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I'm on a few different distribution groups and I want to have rules that will move mail to subfolders based upon what group they were sent to or the sender.  but i don't want to rule to apply until the message has hit my inbox and i opened the message.

the only rule I can write now applies as soon as the message is received so i never see it in my inbox and have to look at the number of unread messages in my subfolders.  until i've opened (read) the message I want it to sit in my inbox

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Hi, c2media.

That's not possible.  Rules only apply when an item is sent or received.  They cannot be applied to any other action.
<<i don't want to rule to apply until the message has hit my inbox and i opened the message.>>
Hi - BlueDevil's right, emails are always processed as they are received, or sent, but in this case, received.
I tried to think of a way that you could accomplish what you're trying to do, and given Outlook's structure and the way it works, I can't think of a workable solution for you.  All of the possible solutions I thought of had negatives associated with them.  
Having said that, you "might" find something in the following links that will assist you with your issue.  There are productivity tools for Outlook that might solve this for you.  
Have a look:
Best of luck, and please let me know if this helps.

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