Can I generate CSRs on one system for multiple Domains?

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I need to generate a CSR for two separate domains.  They will be wildcard certificates.  Can I do them on the same system as long as I enter all the information correctly?  Or does the system need to be already associated with that Domain for it to work properly  My inclination is that I will be fine doing it on one system.

generate a CSR for  

This is a redhat system.

Thank You

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You should be able to create as many csr's as you want.   What tool are you using for creating the csr's?  If you're using openssl, then you should have the option to store the keys and the csrs separately for each csr, under separate file names.


which packages do I need to install?  I have


But I can't find /usr/sbin/sslgenrsa

You don't have the right version of redhat that includes sslgenrsa... however, just use openssl directly:
The files below are examples (/etc/httpd/conf/server.key and /etc/httpd/conf/server.csr) can be name you'd like.  

Eventually the key files and the cert that you get back from the CA need to put in the proper place for your website configuration.  Don't loose the key files, nor mix them up.   The cert won't work without the matching keys.

Here we're generating server public and private keys, and storing them in /etc/httpd/conf/server.key
/usr/bin/openssl genrsa -rand /dev/urandom -out /etc/httpd/conf/server.key 1024

Here we're requesting the csr, using the previous server key, and putting the request in /etc/httpd/conf/server.csr
/usr/bin/openssl req -new -key /etc/httpd/conf/server.key -out /etc/httpd/conf/server.csr


Great work .. thank you!!

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