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We are using Outlook 2007.  Our team receives requests from different departments via a distribution list (i.e.  Once a request is received, we would like to assign the request to a specific member of our team by updating the subject line with the team members initials (i.e. subject: Upload this file to the server  DJ).  Is it possible to edit the subject of an email after it has been sent without recalling the message or sending a new one, and have this change reflected automatically in all the distribution list recipients inboxes?  This way the members of our team can see who is handling what request without have hundreds of redundant emails to delete every day.  I am thinking that there is a way to do this on the Exchange server, but Im not sure.
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There is not a way that I can think of to do this with exchange or MS tools.  You could maybe find a script that will go out and do this, but you are talking about editing the message in the store.  Unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing, I would avoid this.  You could corrupt the message, the mailbox or the entire store.  I have not heard of third party tools doing this but you might be able to find some.  I would just test in a lab environment before deploying to production.
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Short answer is no.
What you really need to do is use tasks instead, and assign the tasks to someone. You could probably store those tasks in a public folder. Failing that, something like Sharepoint would have to be used.


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