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I have a client with laptop provided by Corp. he works for. I have app on colo win2003 server he needs to rdp to. Inside or outside the office default login for laptop uses cisco vpn client, and Corp. has RDP locked down. If he un-plugs network cable, reboots, plugs in Sprint wireless USB, he can then rdp. This is not pratical becuase lousey sprint connection in building, and he needs to get in and out of app all day. I tried  I changed nat at colo to point port 80 at app server and had him rdp:80, but his corp vpn must lock down http traffic, not just allow port 80, because it would not connect.

1. is there better solution to rdp through corp. network?
2. If not  is there a way to bind rdp to sprint wireless connection so he does not have to unplug and restart?
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Has he tried connecting to the servers internal IP address?
1.  Probably not.
2.  Not exactly.

Instead, plug in the sprint wireless.  From the command line, enter


AAA.AAA.AAA.AAA = your IP address
BBB.BBB.BBB.BBB = Sprint wireless USB IP


rppreacher - RDP via browser did not help. It just replaces connection client, once connected is normal rdp session over 3389.

IP address on wireless changes too frequently to set-up static route, and would be too cumbersome for none techy user to lookup ip wireless nic gateway.

No way to bind rdp to specific nic?


End user not capable of performing cli, not usable as solution

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