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Hello All,

I am working on a large legacy VB6 app and I would like to be able to print out nicely-formatted copies of source code for discussion and review. I used something back in the day that worked very nicely but I have forgotten the name. I found the StarPrint VBCodePrint add-in by googling but I really don't want to pay $60 for this since I am only going to be using it for a couple of months.

Any ideas?

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My first thought is to simply copy and paste into Word and set the font to 'Courier New' sized at what ever is needed to fit the text in the margins.

If there are bunches of lines that are particularly long, and if you don't want to print using a tiny font, you can obviously change the orientation to landscape.

While it might not be a "pretty" as some sort of VB add-in, if you have MS Office... it is a free option.
Have a look here, still not free but cheaper
I was hoping I would find out there was a free utility out there somewhere that would:

1. Format the code properly with indentation
2. Automatically color the code for keywords, variables, etc.
3. Create vertical lines to show code levels
4. Optionally show line numbers
5. Allow custom formatting of headers and footers

It looks like I am only going to get that with a commercial product. I downloaded the trial from bandwood.com but it garbled the output on the second page of source code. I guess I will have to shell out $60 to get what I need because I sure don't have enough time to write my own right now.
bandwood was only 30

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