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We have a sonicwall Pro 2040 that we have had for several years connected to a T1. We have about 12 sites using VPN tunnels that connect back to the sonic. We are moving away from a T1 to a Fios 50/20 connection. We are thinking about going to an all Cisco infrastructure since all our remote sites are already using either 806 or 871 routers/firewall. We also need a couple of VPN client access but total would be no more than 25.

We are thinking about either the Cisco ASA 5505 or ASA 5510. Can someone recommand a good choice and would the 5505 be enough power to handle the full Fios bandwith? Also would the 5505 support the smartnet features?

Thanks a lot for your insigjht
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If you are looking at cisco ASA, then use this for a quick comparison of the models:

You're going to want to pay attention to the max 3des vpn throughput and the total number of site to site and client vpn connections per device.     The bandwidth should not be a problem for any of the models.   Just watch out for the max connection and bandwidth options.
Thanks a lot!!!

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