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I've done a lot of Googling and cannot find a decent free My SQL GUI client program that runs on Windows Vista.  I've tried:
- SQLYog - Pay.  Trial only.  Plus you cannot save graphical queries.
- Toad for MySQL - Good, except crashes a lot and slows my machine.
- DreamCoder (by NeroCode) - Says it runs on Vista.  But does not.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'd take a pay one if it was cheap and better than SQLYog.  If it works with PostgresSQL, then even better.
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Hi Thread7,

There are several goods ones out there.

I use Aqua Data Studios ( as it provides the same interface for MySQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.  Having a single interface "feel" sure does simplify things.

And it's a quality tool.

Good Luck,

How about the free GUI Tools from the MySQL project itself?
These are:

    *  MySQL Administrator 1.2
    * MySQL Query Browser 1.2
    * MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1

and are all available from

Or, if you just want to manipulate data in an existing database (as opposed to managing a MySQL Server), just use Microsoft Access with the tables linked to the MySQL Database? This is quite usable if you quickly need to edit data in some tables or do a simple query with MS Access's query tool

How about Oracle jDeveloper.  Allows you to connect to any database through jdbc interface.  "Free" developer license.
There's also DBDesigner4, which, as its web page's opening sentence says better than I could, "a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment."

Through version 4, it was the Fabforce DBDesigner.  WIth version 5, it is now MySQL Workbench:

It's actually more of point-and-shoot designer, but it also has decent administrative as well as documentation capabilities.  A lot of open-sourcers look down their noses at it because (among other reasons) it requires the .NET framework to run under Windows (as well as the fact that for hard core coders, it's a little too RAD-like), but it's a decent tool that does what it says it does.

Also -- and please don't be offended by this -- whenever I read or hear that someone has been doing a lot of Googling for something, yet hasn't found what they were looking for, I always wonder if they really Googled effectively.  Most people just type-in the terms they're looking for... and for the top ten or so results, that can work.  However, said results degrade quickly into irrelevant stuff if one doesn't use special operators in their search terms like the plus sign, or minus sign, quotes, and capitalized "OR".

Try this search and see if it digs a little deeper for you:

Hope that helps.


I've been using the aquafold one.  Only 14 day trial though.  I can't even figure out how much it costs.  I like it because Postgres and mysql.  Oracle one was 1GB!!  So I didn't bother downloading.  The MySQL project one itself will be my next choice if Aqua fold ends up being expensive.

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