Apache start/restart slow

hankknight used Ask the Experts™
It takes more than 5 minutes for Apache to start, stop or restart!

httpd -k restart
httpd -k stop
httpd -k start

Everything else seems to be fast enough.  How can I find out why there is a lag for httpd?

I run Apache 2.2 on CentOS 5.
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Turn on debug logging and then perform a restart of the apache service. Add LogLevel Debug to the apache config. Apache logs by default go to /var/log/httpd/
It depends entirely on your configuration. If you have any IP addresses or hostnames configured anywhere and you have DNS lookups enabled, this could cause problems, as apache would wait for a DNS timeout while starting. As namol pointed out, the best place to start would be the debug log. It should give you an indication of where the problem lies.

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