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First let me give you some background information about the problem. I have two sites site A and site B which are configured with a Cisco GSS at each site. I am trying to have a active/active setup. So that if site A is down the user can failover to site B. Currently, there is an application which is connection persistent. Each site is configured with three Tiers. Tier 1 is were  the Web Server live. Tier 2 is were the Application Servers live. Tier 3 is were the Database server live. Each data center site A, and site B.

Here is the problem: Recently there was a user with an active connection to site A using the application. When all of a sudden Tier 2 which is the App server crashed. When this happened the user loss connectivity to the application. When the user attempted again to reconnect the connection failed.  The GSS kept forwarding the user traffic to site A even tough site A was down. What exacly in the configs should I be looking for that will point the issue here?

Thank you
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most likely you need to define some kal-ap that can monitor the second and third tiers and vary the dns record state based on the kal-ap test results.

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