Is ClickOnce Deployment a better solution for Intranet only?

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I'm trying to use ClickOnce deployment for an Internet feature. I'm wondering whether ClickOnce is for Intranet usage only? Because it's easy to control the settings of client side computers.
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You can definitely use C.O. for external deployment. As long as the client has access to the installation/update Url it will work.


Thank you for your quick response. I understand that the client needs the installation/update Url.

However, my concern is that it's really hard to make sure each and every client can install and run the application successfully and smoothly. For example, if I create a .Net 3.5 application, does user with Firefox, or user with .Net 2.0 can run the applicaton successfully?

Thank you for more info.
Admittedly, I haven't done any external publications. In fact, my click once applications are deployed via shares, as opposed to http.

I found one article which seems to state that the user will be presented with a message if they don't have the right framework version, but that C.O. won't assist in the installation.

This surprises me, because there most certainly is a prerequisites section for deployment, as described here:

Here's more on the framework. I'll be it can handle it out of the box. I wouldn't worry about the browser, since it's not run in the browser.

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