How do I install multiple packages in Delphi 6 that contain duplicate components?

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I am currently trying to install the following components into a Delphi 2006 project:

TMS advGridPack
TMS advPageControl
TMS advPanel

However, when it comes time to install the last one (advPanel), I get an error that Delphi cannot install as "It contains unit 'PictureContainerm,' which is also contained in package 'GridPackd2006'.

How can I install all of the packages that I need in order to get this existing piece of code to run without any duplicate units being installed?

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if you have the pas files of packages just try to rename the PictureContainer of the last package, however if you don't, try to put all the file into a single new package, and install all of them together.

Hope this helps


How would I go about grouping all of the different packages into one large one?
Create a new Package
Take all the source files to the same folder
Right click the package at delphi's project manager and choose add
Select all the source files at once and click open
Compile the package and install

Let me know if you have any trouble


I just used Remove File from the package menu on the toolbar, but the first part ended up working well. Thanks!

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