How can a new iphone be configured to connect to Exchange on an SBS 2003 server

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How can a new iphone be configured to connect to Exchange, on an SBS 2003 server.

There appears to be two main email configuration available on an iphone, POP3 and Microsoft Exchange. Apple have confirmed directly that Outlook Web Access is not currently supported. How then can the iphone be configured to work with SBS 2003?

If Exchange is selected, the server's IP address can be entered, whereupon a certificate warning is generated on the iphone which appears promising and the certificate can then be accepted. However after trying to connect an error message appears confirming that the connection could not be established.

With the absence of Outlook Web Access and without any additional software such as Blackberry Enterprise or Professional, can a connection still be achieved? Forwarding emails from the server to a POP3 email account is not an option in this case, as emails cannot be sent from the device from a domain based email account.

The iphone appears to be similar in some respects to Windows mobile 6, although Windows mobile 6 requires a certificate to installed on both the server and the device in order to work, rather than using the free basic SBS 2003 certificate.

Also apparently other users ( in other organisations ) have managed to connect an iphone device remotely to Microsoft Exchange 2003, although I am unsure what configuration was required to achieve this, or whether this was on an SBS 2003 server or not.

For reference, the usual Outlook Web Access ports are open on the server and this email method works fine with blackberry devices.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Exchange Service Pack 2 needs to be installed.
Port 443 needs to be open on your firewall.
An SSL certificate (preferably not a self-signed one) should be installed on your server.
Access to the server is usually via a FQDN such as not an IP address and has to match the name on your certificate.
If you want to check to see if your server is setup properly, visit and run the Exchange Activesync test.

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Test your SBS server to see if active sync is configured:     

Can you hit the OWA site on https

You can run the internet configuration for SBS to make sure you have the mobile setup checked.

Then follow this article:

you server will be the OWA address and domain will be the ad domain without .local

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