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Hi all-

How do i create multiple monitors with MRTG in Windows?  I have succesully created a monitor for one switch and i host it through IIS.  

1. Do I have to create an additional /bin directory?  
2. I assume that they need different .cfg files and index files.  how do i organize them?  
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Run cfgmaker for each of your SNMP Agents and save the output of that to different files.
So say you have 3 switches, routers or whatever agents, then do:

cfgmaker public@ipaddress1 > a1.cfg
cfgmaker public@ipaddress2 > a2.cfg
cfgmaker public@ipaddress3 > a3.cfg

Edit a1.cfg, a2.cfg, a3.cfg to point WorkDir to different directories on your IIS Server

Now make a batch file that runs mrtg for each file:

mrtg a1.cfg
mrtg a2.cfg
mrtg a3.cfg

You now have 3 directories, each representing the data for each SNMP Agent that get updated every 5 minutes.


indexmaker a1.cfg > WorkDir1\index.html
indexmaker a2.cfg > WorkDir2\index.html
indexmaker a3.cfg > WorkDir3\index.html

This give you the 3 different sites, one for each agent.

Make an overall index.html and edit the HTML to pull the day view from each of your sites.



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