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Im already setup with dyndns.com but I want to access to by my ip and not by dns name. Is there a way to always know remothly our IP address same way as dyndns.com. I want to remotly ping  my ip address....
(im french guy so sorry i did mistake)

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If your IP Address is dynamic, then you simply have no way of getting to it without dynamic DNS. Except if you do one of the following:

(1) Get an ISP that will give you a static (fixed) IP Address on your ADSL

(2) Get yourself a hosted server with a provider and proxy the static IP you get there to the dynamic DNS address. You will have to script this to see changes in your dynamic DNS


Could you help me a bit about your seconde point...
Well, I have a client that had exactly this problem. He has mobile devices on a GPRS network where he cannot insert a hostname when specifying his server on these devices, so he could not use it with his dynamic ADSL. What I did was investigate what kind of traffic his mobile devices were sending, and it turned out that they needed to connect to a webserver (i.e port tcp 80). What I then did was give him a static IP Address on one of our servers, and from there I just ran a proxy server on port 80 to his dynamic DNS address.

What this means is that his mobile devices try to connect to the static IP that I gave him (i.e. to our server) and I just used simpleproxy to proxy port 80 to his dynamic DNS address. This is unfortunately not where it ended, because how do I know when his dynamic DNS changes? I just run a script every minute to see whether it has changed from its previous value, and, if it has, I restart the little proxy server. While this is crude, it is effective enough to use for his application.

Now what do YOU need to do? Figure out which ports you want to proxy, and then find someone who is kind enough to give you a static IP address. If you can't find someone, rent yourself a VPS with a hosting provider. But it might be cheaper to just find an ISP that will give you a static IP on your ADSL.

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