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What is the syntax to pass in a Session variable within a hyperlink's  I researched the following through another EE Solution, and currently have the following in my aspx page to open a sub-window.  I want the sub-window to display a grid based on a Session variable passed in to it call Subsys.  I think I can get the target window to do what I want, but need the exact syntax for passing this in via the hyperlink's

<asp:HyperLink ID="hypOpenRequestors" runat="server" NavigateUrl="#"                onclick="'Requestors.aspx','','height=500, width=650, menubar=no,toolbar=no, resizeable=yes, titlebar=no, status=no, screenX=50, screenY=50, left=50, top=50');">Change Requestor</asp:HyperLink>
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I don't think you can do it.
There should be a way, though syntax would probably be miserable and entail creating a separate js function.

Can i ask why though?  If it's a session variable, the same variable would be available in the page you're opening, so why do you need to pass it though the querystring?


You are correct - I was somewhat premature in posting this question as I used the Session variable in the target page to populate the grid.   I am new to ASP.NET so be on lookout for more questions - actually I have another I will be posting soon to save myself some time hopefully, regarding Grids, etc.

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