beaker  doesn't work my apartment

Hiroyuki Tamura
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my beaker doesn't work at my apartment.
if i use too much electricity, maintenance guy has to go to basement to fix this problem.
even i report this problem, he doesn't do anything.
what do you think what would be the problem?
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Non-updated wiring and putting too many devices onto one circuit causing the breaker to flip. There's not much you can do if it's an apartment except not use a bunch of items together at a time. Did you recently install a window air conditioner or anything of that nature?
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It sounds like the breaker in the basement is more sensitive than the breaker in your apartment.  You can be proactive by measuring the power usage with a Kill-A-Watt device and not putting a load that exceeeds one circuit.  If your apartment uses fuses and not breakers, replace the fuse with a lower rated one so that it blows instead of the basement breaker.  Typically, each circuit can handle 1800 watts (120v x 15a) if it was constructed with common wire gauge for dwellings, though special circuits can be installed to handle more (like for an air conditioner).
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thank you.

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