boot to network using onboard NIC

Khalil Jubran
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how to boot from bootable  NIC which comes with the Motherboard... to network active directory or any shared folder i want to ...

as you know each computer today has its own booting . from network card which is onboard ..
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In order to boot from the network you have to have an environment to boot to. This is generally on a server that is set up to place an image on the machine you are booting.

You'll want to use PXE to achieve this. Are you looking to do this for machines that need imaged?
I'm not sure that this is what they are after since they included this line
 "to network active directory or any shared folder i want to ..."
Sounds to me like they want the OS to reside on the network entirely, which though I'm sure it is possible, I've never heard of it being done other than the preinstallation environment.
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well thanks guys, yes I actually want to bt using PXE boot to start imaging using ghost image.

instead of bootable floppy , so in the end i can deploy  all in one click ..on the console

I used this long time ago using bootable ghost to the enterprise and the boot all the other client with floppy so I can send request of deployment..

or through the new windows one enterprise  of norton ghost,.  but i need the other Clients to boot.
so I can see them and start deploying...

I thought if the PXE is useful and if not also I want to understand the PXE  thing...

many thanks
Ahhh, ok. That being the case you will need to set up a WDS server install Windows PE to it and place a sysprepped image on it. This article should help. 
There's quite a few articles out there on PXE servers for windows and for Linux. The server can run on linux/windows to deploy any type of image you want.,_aka_Pre-Execution_Environment_-_Part_1/ has a decent introduction to PXE for learning more.

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