Modifying the name of a component in Delphi 2006

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I am trying to compile an old piece of code to build a front-end for it, but I'm runing into a few problems.

I have purchased the XLSReadWriteII component, but when I install it the components added are XLSReadWriteII2, whereas the old file just uses XLSReadWriteII. This is causing the existing code to not recognize the new component that has been added.

In other news, the old code uses excel97 as a unit, which is not recognized by my Borland 2006. How should I go about solving these problems?

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You can change in the uses clause the excel97 for excel2000 or excelXP, these units come with delphi 2006.
Just try to change for one of these.


That worked great, but how about fixing the XLSReadWriteII issue?
Can you post the register components procedure for these components?
This way I can help you better


I actually ended up solving it by just changing the imports list to ReadWriteII2 and changed the type definitions as well. Thanks for the help with the excel fix though!

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