How do I open {recognize in and open from application data} Microsoft Outlook 2002 email in MS Outlook 2007

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I have attempted once to open this file that housed email contacts and other pertinent business emails to only find that the file extension was change, and was the icon upon attempting to open it.  I need to access these, and do not know how at present.  Please explain specific process in doing so.
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From what I understand you want to gain access to old E-mails from an earlier version of Outlook.
All you need to do is open outlook, go to FILE --> IMPORT and there you select the type of file you want to gain access to.
Once you have imported the messages, they will be added to the folder of your choice in outlook.
If you only want to open the messages once you also have the option to right click on the file, click on "open with" and browse through the list of programs and select outlook.
If you have an PST file.
You can open the file with:
File -> Open -> Outlook data file.
If you don't want to import the messages through the File menu you can always just drag and drop them into a Folder inside outlook and they should import directly.


Thank you, I will try this again, but on my initial try months back, it changed the file extension to the new 2007 MS Outlook file extension.  I am trying to locate my 2002 MS Outlook files now, but will look later on this since they are located on an external hard drive archived.  I will post my attempt when I do.

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