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I have stood up a new exchange 2003 server and now I need to migrate all of my mailboxes over. before i do that I need to get OWA working on the new server as well. I have had my ISP enable a new public IP address for the new OWA. I tried to enable the new IP on the outside interface of our Cisco ASA but it says it cant because SMTP is already being used on the other public IP. Regardless of that issue I still need to get OWA going on the new server. Any suggestions on either would be great. Thanks.
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since you have a public IP for the new server.... what do you get when you try to access http://Public IP/exchange
or https://Public IP/exchange

You cant add the new IP address to the interface, instead, add it as a static NAT rule.  In addition, you probably shouldnt have your exchange server NAT to the interface IP address.  Personally I would have a seperate address for each exchange server.  My next assumption is that you are going to put the OWA box in the DMZ then allow traffic between the 2 exchange servers?  
Here are some considerations:
1.  There are alot of ports that need to be openend between the OWA box and the inside exchange server.  You could simply allow 443 to the internal server which would simplify configuration.  If you do use the OWA in the DMZ remember you need to specify it as a front end server.  You could also route incoming email through it, thus not allowing a direct connection to the outside world.
2.  If security is an issue, you could use the ssl vpn in your ASA to authenticate users before allowing them to the OWA link.

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