Applying an Adobe update(MSP file) to a package that was created with Adobe's customization tool

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I created a package of Adobe reader 9.1.0 using Adobe's customization tool.  That is the latest file available that you can download from adobe, that I'm aware of.  I want to apply the 9.1.2 patch to it.  How can I do this for the clean install and also apply it to older version of reader 9 that are in my environment?
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You should think of using "System Center Updates Publisher" to patch third party applicaitons.
Adobe is one of the vendors which provide its catalog for SCUP


I was hoping to do this without having to install another product but i'll look at this.  Thanks
You should be able to use the customization wizard to "Launch Other Applications" then add this

msiexec.exe /qn /update AdbeRdrUpd912_all_incr.msp

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do i need to put anything in for the path if the update is in the same directory as the install?


I applied that command to the customization and it didn't work.  I have the msp out in the same network shave as the install.  So I put this value in for the path  \\server\software$\SCCM Apps\Adobe.  Then i put in your command in under command, and wait I set to no.  What am i doing wrong?
Please go to this link
go under "Distribute free Adobe Reader"
and register
Adobe will send you an email with download instruction, download the MSI file and create "package from definition" in SCCM and deploy to your clients.

I have tested this with flash player in past, if i try to deploy the MSI without registering with adobe, it fails.
Then i registered on adobe and they send me an email with download link and it worked.

Here is what i got in email from adobe

From: Adobe Systems []
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 10:36 PM
To: Sharma, Anubhav
Subject: Adobe Flash Player Distribution Request

Dear anubhav sharma:

Thank you for submitting a request to distribute the Adobe® Flash® Player. Your request has been approved, and you may now distribute the Flash Player, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Adobe Flash Player Distribution License Agreement. Attached is an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file of the distribution license agreement. Please keep this file for your records.

The agreement is valid for one year, after that one year you can renew the distribution license agreement by following the same process.

To download the Flash Player version that you would like to distribute, please visit the following URL:
http://<link modified because of areement>

You may not share the above link, share information with others, or publish the above link on websites, blogs, or by any other means that can be publicly accessed. The information contained on this site is meant for your use only in accordance with Adobe Flash Player Distribution License Agreement you accepted. You may direct others to to request distribution rights.


Adobe Systems Incorporated

This is an auto-generated e-mail. Please do not respond to this message for customer service issues.


i will try again, but i did this the issue was that they were still giving out version 9.1.0, i wanted to deploy  9.1.2 and not have to patch it


Your comand worked but I had to put in into a batch file since the launch applications only reads .bat and .exe

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