Gray subdomains/sites in AD integrated DNS on windows 2003

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As far as I can tell, a couple of subdomains were made automatically by Windows. But one name is "off" and one site is missing. The subdomain folders are grey instead of yellow. And there is basically no data in these subdomains.

We were using old style DNS, but are moving to AD integrated DNS. I have my parent domain figured out, but I don't know how to go about moving to AD i DNS for the child domains. Should I use this little grey folders that are subfolders of my main domain? Should I keep separate domain folders?
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The different icon means that you're having delegations pointing out the subdomain to be kept as a zone on the server in the NS record of the delegation.
If the delegation isn't neaded, just delete it.

Convert the parent zone to be AD-integrated by checking the checkbox in type dialog of zone properties that it shall be stored in AD.
If child domain is in same AD, there's no nead to have it as its own zone. Create the subdomain as new domain inside the same zone.


Thanks. That last bit was my biggest worry, so I will do that. Sounds perfect, and I see some of our issues between domains will be going away very quickly.

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