ExTreme Summit Redundant Routing Protocols.

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I have been looking over the last month for any good online documentation or how to's for Implementing redundant routing on my Extreme Summit x450e-48p switches. I have downloaded the command references from Extreme Network and while easy to read their is very little explanation as to how to actually configure and test your redundant design.

For a quick history I have two x450e-48p switches. They are connected by fiber and they are using 802.1q. One of the switches is connected to a Cisco ASA 5550. What I am looking to do is connect the second Extreme Switch to the ASA and create virtual routers on my Extreme switches to load balance traffic and provide a redundant link should a connection from the ASA is down to either of the Extreme Summit switches.

I called Extreme Networks for suggestions for other reading material and they did not know of any authors out there that were writing on their products.

Does anyone have any online references that they recommend? Anyone seen or have any books that have been written for the Extreme OS running on my switches?
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If you go to that webpage, download the instructors guide for ENSA-300/5 ExtremeXOS Network Specialist  Accelerated, Version 12.1 (5 days).

You'll have to register a free account with them, but those guides are the actual thing they use in the classes they teach. They are pretty in depth and may provide you with a better outline and understanding of setting up redundancy.

You can take a look at all the guides, they may help you out. I think you have to register for a free web account when you try to download as well.
take a look to a latest concepts guide.
I've found it useful, when I was working with x450a's

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