fasthost hosting account mail-mine error

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pointing to an earlier post
in addition
I have now done i
   include_once 'PEAR.php';
I now get
Fatal error: Class 'Mail_mime' not found in /home/fhlinux195/o/ on line 86

so how do I get around that error  

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getting somewhere
installed go-pear
and after that it said use
/home/fhlinux195/o/ in my include_once's

so my include_once is
include_once ('/home/fhlinux195/o/'):

and I get
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /home/fhlinux195/o/ on line 11
which is the included_once line
I have installed pear in htdocs\install\PEAR and confirmed its there by using filezilla
ok getting even further
the original script had
include_once 'Mail.php';
include_once 'Mail/mime.php'

now it says
include_once 'Mail.php';
include_once ('/home/fhlinux195/o/');

I cannot find mail.php in the pear folder and if I delete the line for Mail.php I get an error at line 93 which is
$mail = Mail::factory("mail");

so where is mail.php ?


fixed myself thanks by not using pear

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