How do I find patches for Windows 2008 Server Core?

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I have a new Windows 2008 server core box and would to apply Windows Updates to it. I'm using this command:  wusa.exe <patchname>.msu

My questions:
1) Where do find the .msu files?
2)  How do I download them to my server?

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I've run the commands on that page:
cscript SCregEdit.wsf /AU 4Net stop wuauservNet start wuauserv

Also from that page:
When I run this command: wuauclt /detectnow I don't get any output, so I have no idea if the command worked or failed. When I run this command: wmic qfe list it doesn't return any updates.

So, how do I know if there are updates for Server Core and how do I installed them?


I found what I needed on this page, which I got to from the one you posted.

The vbscript, WUA_SearchDownloadInstall.vbs, in the MSDN Library works pretty well.

Thanks for your help.

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