Domain Admin Rights on Server Shares

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I have a single windows 2003 server that is a domain controller. I have several shares setup on the server. I would assume that the users in the domain admin group should be able to access these shares (map to their profile) without having rights explicitly granted to them in share permissions. This does not seem to be the case. I can only map these shares to the domain admins if I explicitly grant that permission to the group. Is this expected behaviour? Anybody have any ideas on why this is happening?
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That's totally normal behavior: no permissions, no access.
(Domain) Admins have means to change these permissions (and be it through taking ownership), but they need permissions like every other account.
Note that there's no use or added security when using *share* permissions. Share permissions are leftovers from OS/file systems without permissions management. Give the Everyone group Full access in the share permissions, and control the actual access with NTFS permissions.

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