Is it possible to install xp pro on an xp tablet pc?

mignonnedavis used Ask the Experts™
I have a tablet pc I inherited but it has all kinds of junk I can't easily removed.  Normally, I would just reinstall the o/s, but I don't have a tablet o/s.  Is it safe to just install xp pro on this computer instead?  i.e., hardware wise, is an xp tablet the same as an xp pro or are the differences insignificant enough that everything will still work when I do this?
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Hi mignonnedavis,

You can install Windows XP Professional...but you won't have the tablet features.
You can install any Windows operating system you like, however without a tablet OS, the touchscreen feature is lost. In many cases, you can buy a tablet OS for less than XP Pro.


Thanks!  Inserting my XP Pro O/S right now based on your answer!

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