USB mice no longer work, any suggestions?

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I have a computer that no longer works with USB mice on a Windows XP computer. I have tried multiple mice with it, and thumb drives and other USB devices work just fine. I have already tried doing a repair install twice with different service packs on both discs, as well as running Re-image on it. I even went in and manually copied over the files that the mouse is trying to use from a XP install disc in Recovery Console. Any other suggestions besides formatting the computer?
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mousemen--I assume you tried other USB ports.
Did software come with the mice?  Did you use it?
Does a PS2 mouse work?
Do you have any errors in your device manager?
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does the mouse show in device manager?
any errors there?
is it a wireless mouse?
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I have tried all USB ports, yes.  It is a non-wireless Microsoft mouse, so I downloaded Microsoft Intellipoint drivers and software to see if that would work, but no luck there either. I have tried multiple other mice as well, but none of them work. This is a laptop computer, and there is no PS/2 port, sadly. It does show up in device manager, with an error that says it is having trouble loading the drivers. It is trying to load these files: hidclass.sys, hidparse.sys, hidusb.sys, hid.dll.
I have manually replaced all of these with copies off a XP install disc once already, but it did not help.
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Remove old hardware devices :
go to Start>right click My computer>properties>device manager
in the view tab - click : "show hidden devices"
inspect  device manager for all hidden devices, and remove them

Try this batch script:

:: Check Windows version
IF NOT "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" GOTO Syntax
IF     "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" SETLOCAL
VER | FIND "Windows NT" >NUL && GOTO Syntax

:: Check command line arguments -- none required
IF NOT "%~1"=="" GOTO Syntax

:: Check if DEVCON.EXE is available and if not, prompt for download
SET DevconAvailable=
SET Download=
      SET DevconAvailable=No
      ECHO This batch file requires Microsoft's DEVCON untility.
      SET /P Download=Do you want to download it now? [y/N]

:: Start download if requested
IF /I "%Download%"=="Y" (
      START "DevCon" ";EN-US;Q311272"
      ECHO Install the downloaded file and make sure DEVCON.EXE is in the PATH.
      ECHO Then try again.

:: Abort if DEVCON.EXE is not available yet
IF "%DevconAvailable%"=="No" GOTO End

:: List and remove all USB devices
>> RenewUSB.dat ECHO.%Date%, %Time%
DEVCON FindAll =USB | FIND ":" >> RenewUSB.dat
FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=:       " %%A IN ('DEVCON FindAll ^=USB ^| FIND ":"') DO DEVCON Remove "@%%A"
DEVCON FindAll USB* | FIND ":" >> RenewUSB.dat
FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=:       " %%A IN ('DEVCON FindAll USB*  ^| FIND ":"') DO DEVCON Remove "@%%A"

:: Rescan for new hardware

:: Done

ECHO RenewUSB.bat,  Version 1.00 for Windows 2000 / XP
ECHO Use DEVCON to remove all USB devices and then scan for new devices
ECHO Notes:  [1] This batch file requires Microsoft's DEVCON.EXE, available at
ECHO   ;EN-US;Q311272
ECHO             You will be prompted for download if it isn't found.
ECHO         [2] I tested this batch file on my own PC running Windows 2000 Pro SP4.
ECHO             However, I cannot guarantee flawless operation on any other PC.
ECHO             Use this batch file entirely at your own risk. Make sure you have
ECHO             a recent full backup available in case something might go wrong.
ECHO         [3] Before removal each USB device is logged in RENEWUSB.DAT.


The hidden device trick did not work.
And the batch file ran just fine, then it blue screened on bootup with a 0xC2. On next reboot it booted up fine, but the problem continues with it not recognizing mice.
I have backed up the data because I am starting to think that I will have to format it.

Try creating a new user and see if it works there, or on safe mode and check if it works with the administrator acount

If not, try with your installation CD to repair, when you enter in console try this command:
chkdsk /r
maybe this can solve your problem.
Well, I had already run chkdsk, after running the hard drive test because I also thought it might be some kind of corruption. Running in Safe mode under the admin account yields the same result.  I have decided to format the computer because I am running out of time. Thank you for all of your help xpertoPC and others. It works just fine after the format.

ok, no problem, but the chkdsk /r under Repair option with the install disc in console is diferent from windows chkdsk, probably would solved your problem, good that your mouse is working again.

C ya!

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