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I have created a graph in Crystal XI based on percent of registrants based on region.  In the group footer of the report, I have created a summary on the registration count and clicked on the "show as a percentage of" in the options area of the summary.  My graph is using that number.  I am displaying the percentage as a data label on the graph.  When I try to format it as a percentage (to show the percent sign", it totally changes the number.  For example, 28% turns into 2,821%.  Also, the percentages are not rounding properly.  It only adds to 99% and not 100%.  Do you have a formula etc that can force it to add to 100%?

Thank you
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Couple of thoughts here:

1) Percentages are based on values between 0...1, so 50.3% really means value 0.503.  If you have a value like 28.21, it thinks you mean 2821%.  Perhaps you could "scale" down your values by creating a formula that divides your answer-set by 100?   I.e. turn 28.21 into .2821, which will then format as 28.21%

2) Could you use one of the percentage charts like percentage bar or percentage line? These will always have a percentage axis. They are "stacked" charts though, so I don't know if that is helpful to you.

3) If all else fails, this is easily fixable with our CRChart add-in for Crystal Reports. @APPEND_DATATEXT would do what you want.



disclaimer: I work for the company, threedgraphics.com, that makes this product. This product costs money.

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