help on Mac server admin?

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Can anyone point me to some good documentation on Mac Server Admin?  I am having permissions Issues with Windows clients accessing files which have been set-up through Server admin.  

MAC server details:

Operating system version: 10.5.4
File Server: Mac OS EXT HFS+
Server Admin version: 10.5.3 (279.11) -  used for managing file shares

Does anyone know what the latest version of Mac Server Admin is?
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First off, you need all of the server admin tools which is 10.5.7. Visit for info at and also visit Remember, as I am an apple certified sys admin, you will realize quickly that is your friend. If you really want access to all of the skinny of Apple, buy their Tech Training at the Apple store.


Sorry only just got round to looking at this again.  Is 10.5.7 the latest version that can be installed on a server.  

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