trusted party sent (.odg) file. As usual Windows can't open it. What 2 do? also (.rtf file is ?)

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I got a photo from a trusted source and it is an (.odg) file. Why won't Windows open it, how did the sender select this extension, and what can I do to get it opened?
Also, I just sent my sister a WordPad document and I noticed it was sent as an (.rtf) file. Why and will she be able to open it?

note: I saw no zones devoted to file extensions
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An .odg file is an OpenOffice Draw file... You can get OpenOffice for free from   Once you download and install the program, you will then be able to open the file from your trusted friend...

A .rtf file is a Rich Text File.  
Your sister should have no problem opening the RTF files, most every computer is equipped by default with a program to automatically open an RTF file...
from that site, downloads are not free.
Open Office 2009 - Free Download   <<<<< not free from what I can tell

I did find a link that sends the disc free in the mail.
Is this the link you referred to?
Open Office IS free!
You can download it instantly...  It is VERY easy to do...

All you have to do is go to, then click the HUGE link on the left side of the page that says "I want to download"...
Then a HUGE green arrow pops up that says "Download Now" next to it....
Click on "Download Now"...

This *should* begin your download... You *may* need to click the 'security bar
 that pops up at the top of your browser window to allow the file to download (depending on your web browser and your security settings)...

Then simply click the "save" button to save the file to your computer...

Once it is downloaded, run the file that you downloaded and it will install Open Office...

Piece of cake, and costs you NO money...  This really is not rocket science   ;)))
got it........!!

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