Reinstalled IIS5 and missing website

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Hey all,

I had to uninstall and reinstall IIS tonight. It came back fine with the Default Website and the Default SMTP Server. However, I had two custom sites that are now missing. I assume it didn't uninstall them. Has anyone seen this? Thanks.
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If you didn't backup your SMTP settings, you'll have to reconfigure.

For the Sites, the data should still be on your hard drive. Maybe the previous sites were pointing to a virtual directory or a different root path than the default?

Do a search on C:, D:, E: etc for  index.html/.php/.asp etc and try to find where the sites are, then make a two sites on IIS, and change Root Directory to them.


Thanks. I forget...doesnt' the site need a unique IP, Port, or something else to work? I am relieved that it didn't delete anything, just removed the sites from IIS.

Yea, each site has its own port. This is part of IIS configuration that is recommended to backup once it's up and running.

If you don't have these port numbers, check documentation or ask anyone who might know.

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