Microsoft Information Store Terminated Unexpectedly

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Hi All

I suddenly have a huge problem with my Exchange Server where the Information Store keeps crashing and after some investigation have seen that my store has grown to a staggering 74GB! I changed the registry setting to 100GB to allow some work around and to move some mailboxes to a different store.
While attempting to reduce the size by deleting several Mailboxes and moving them to a different store (on the same server) the Information Store keeps crashing every 10min or so. Trying to do a full backup also fails so that I can purge the deleted boxes and reduce the size.
It seems I'm stuck in a dead-end because I can't keep the store online long enough to reduce it's size. Is it closing the service because of the built in 75GB limit?
Please help urgently? How do I keep the store on-line again?

There are no significant error logs in the log viewer so I have no idea where to go from here...

Thanks in advance....
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Will ExMerge get a mailbox out in time?

Hope your clients are disconnected while you do this, also the internet connection offline..

might be worth doing a eseutil /g to check the integrity..


Unfortunately ExMerge also stops when the service stops.
I restarted the server and everything seems like it's on-line again. I'm attempting a full backup right now.
I'm hesitant of doing an eseutil /g now, this would take over 16hours to complete
an offline defrag would clear out some space also, but would probably take a similar amount of time..
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Ok, I'm resorting to the /g integrity check... I think the database is corrupted that's why it keeps crashing. Will the /g switch repair any corruption? Or should I rather do the /p hard recovery?
since your off line already, a backup would be first...

Removable HDD, and direct copy firstly..
NTbackup would be nice to clear out logs...

But if there are errors, you'll have little choice, /p will try to fix the issues..
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Unless you are on Exchange 2007, the highest the setting will go to is 75gb. You cannot set it to 100gb, that is invalid and I think will cause the database to dismount as it goes back to 18gb.


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