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This has been frustrating me all day. I am trying to install MySQL and use it with Navicat but have been unable to do so.

I have installed MySQL and have the MySQL service up and running in XP. But I cannot connect to the service using Navicat. I get a "2003 - Can't connect to MYSQL server on 'localhost' (10061).

I've went through the some guides on how to install MySQL from this website and used Navicat's support on getting started with Navicai. Have followed all the instructons and have left every thing on default upon installing.

In Navicat, the connection properties are such:
Hostname/ IP address: localhost
Port: 3306

The port 3306 is open and accepting connection to my ip addres.

So what is the problem here?
Thank You.
User: root
pass: the pasword for my root
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What version of MySQL are you using? How did you install mysql? Make sure that in the "MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard" you do the following:

1.  Check "Add firewall exception to this port"

If it is the first time to install mysql in the computer:

1.  Check "Modify security settings"
2.  Enter a password for "root" (don't use blank)
3.  If you want to use "root" in other worstations to connect, check "Enable root access from remote machines" (this is not recommended)

The problem is not with Navicat but you are unable to connect to MySQL using the user id and password.

Use "localhost" only if you are connecting to a "local" server which means you are using the server computer in connecting to itself.


Adding an exception to the port did the trick.

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