Outlook 2007 Crashes when laptop hibernates

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I have a Dell Latitude E4200 with Windows XP Professional and Microsoft office 2007.
As I'm always on the move from the office to meetings I close the lid on the laptop and let the computer hibernate, leaving all programs and folders open (Excel, word, MS Project, Windows Explorer and Outlook).

When I open the laptop and bring Windows out of hibernation MS Outlook comes up with as not responding and when you click on the task bar it does not display Outlook.To get it working again I end the Outlook task and reopen, this does not always work as Outlook does not open when the task is ended and the computer needs to restart before it works again.

Can someone explain why Outlook crashes and how I can stop this from happening?

The outlook.pst is about 1.5GB and I have an archive.pst which is 4GB could this be part of the issue? (I'm using a POP3 account on a Linux mail server).
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Have you tried backing up and reinstalling? The large pst files may be the issue, because it requires a lot of memory to keep Outlook open with those archives. Hibernation also takes up most of your memory, so it might make Outlook fail. I would advise you stay away from hibernation, as it can damage your computer over time. Cheers, Blake

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