image mysteriously becomes linked with border around it dreamweaver css

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Problems again at  - on the homepage I have a dividing bar image beneath the 3 boxes under my slideshow.  Today for some reason, it decides to become a link with a border around it, even though there is no apparent link...

my css is at CSS/homepage.css
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Nothing mysterious about it.  Look at the leftcontent, towards the bottom

<br />
   <p><a href="Support_Helping_Services.html" text-align="center" /><img src="myimages/Buttons/boybox.jpg" class="removesLinkBorder" /></p>
   <br />

Open <a> tag without the closing </a>, so the browser is trying to figure out what you did and making things clickable that shouldn't be.

Because you wrap everything inside a link. Check your code if you have appropriately closed the link.

<a text-align="center" href="Support_Helping_Services.html"><strong><span class="messagebox_header">...</a>

The link is currently covering your three boxes and the bar.
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Look at the actual page source, not the browser-rendered source (I assume you are using Firebug or similar, too).  The asker never wrapped the span that way.  The error is higher up on the page and the browser is attempting to autocorrect for it and failing.
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It should be
<p><a href="Support_Helping_Services.html" text-align="center" /><img src="myimages/Buttons/boybox.jpg" class="removesLinkBorder" /></a></p>

And it'll work fine for you..

Crikey! just add the attribute border="0" to the img tag.


I apologize for my absence from the computer - I had suspected something above, but I was surprised something in a different div could trigger that - a very good lesson!  -Sweet Iowa

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