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I need some guideince on this topic.I have just finished setting up my new forest with 3 domains, A.domain,B.domain and C.domain. A.domain is the toplevel domain. The domains are spread around 6 Physical Sites theese are created in sites and services.

Now we are going to use SCCM, but I am not sure of the right strukture. We wish not to have secondary sites. Is it possible to install SCCM in the top domain and use it in all the child domains? We are going to use PXE for OS install so, Can I just add all the sites to the bounderies and every client will be accepted?

Thx for all replys!:)

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Yes, you could add all the sites to the boundaries and client will be accepted.

I would recommend setting up BITS enabled Protected Standard Distribution point for each and every physical site and specifying only that site's subnet in Protected DP properties, this is to make sure that only clients from inside de protected boundary can use the DP

For OSD packages, consider cache size

If you are concerned about OSD packages traversing WAN link then i would recommend setting up Different physical sites as seperate child SCCM sites as in that case you could use preloadpkgonsire.exe and manually copy packages.
First of all how many clients, and what is the WAN connection between the six physical sites.

the main advantage of using Secondary sites is dynamic bandwidth throttling for package distribution, based on actual available bandwidth.  

If you want to use PXE for OS install, you cannot use Branch Distribution Points at locations that you want to use PXE, also if you are using PXE, then you probably want to have State Migration Points (SMPs), which you also can't use with Branch Distribution Points.

Until we know the bandwidth between sites and number of clients in sites, it's hard to give you a good heirachy.
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Thx for replys for far!

The locations have very good bandwith down to our central location, so there should be no bottleneck there. It's about 1000 computers. Since I am at the central site is there no way that a client at a remote site can use a local DP to get the Image from PXE? or I have to sett up a PXE(WDS server) in every location and copy the images to the locations? So they can do a OSD at their site?
If you have good bandwidth between the sites, you can use DHCP Scope Options 66 and 67 (or IP Helpers on the routers) to get computers PXE booting over the WAN, and as long as the DP in your central site is not a protected boundary and in the same site as the rest of the clients, then clients in remote sites will use the DP over the WAN.

With a 1000 clients you can get away from a single central site, though I would be concerned if it was only a single server, I would have a one server as the SQL/Management Point/Reporting Point and a second as a DP/Pxe Service Point (PSP) and State Migration Point (SMP).


Okey, thx for the reply. I just wonder if I install all my 6 site locations as secondary sites, will I be able to add a PSP point to each and every secondary site? just wondering:)
Yes, you could have PXE service point at your secondary sites
"A PXE service point can be installed on a primary or secondary site"

You can also have PSPs at the six site locations without Secondary sites, if you do this, I would make the same servers hosting the PSPs distribution points, and set this site server as a protected boundary.  That way only the clients in the site of the PSP/DP will use that PSP/DP, and no other.

As far as the use of secondary sites, if your not concerned about package distribution effecting you WAN bandwidth, don't bother with Secondaries, but if you are, then use secondaries.



thx:) Is it possible to have one central Pxe server,but the wim files is one in each location so that it can download the image from the local DP and not the central site?
Certainly is .. during the OSD build proccess a Content Location Request is made by the client for each package, and if you have a local DP, that is where the WIM and other packages will come from

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