Add text to a business objects text box with a function

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Hi there.

I'm wanting to have a text box say "Last refresh time <date>"

Not sure how to do this.. thinking something along the lines of "[text saying last refresh time] =LastExecutionDate()" or something - but not sure of the syntax..
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PrintDate and PrintTime are the formulas you need, so you can just convert them to strings and put it together in a formula:
"Last Refresh: " + CSTR(PrintDate) + " " + CSTR(PrintTime)
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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That works or create a text box on the report with the text you want then drag the PrintDate and PrintTime fields into it.  You can put spaces between the fields if you want.



Neither of these work.. it just displays the text "Last Refresh: " + CSTR(PrintDate) + " " + CSTR(PrintTime) in the text cell..

I'm using Business Objects Web Intelligence..


I figured out what you meant by adding strings, so you got the solution, thx. (could have done with a bit more explaining though, i'm a newb!)

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