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Hi Experts,

I suspect these are fairly easy questions but I am brand new to JBoss and Java apps in general so I'm pretty green on all the details.

- Does each application that is published by the JBoss server have their own JVMs or does one JVM run everything?

- How can I protect my apps from decompilers? (I have googled this and have been told that using scripts to scramble symbolic links works but I don't know how that impacts the code)

- Does anyone know any good crash course guides on JBoss??

Thanks in advance folks!!!!
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1) Hi, Jboss is using the VM and all apps that are deployed on JBoss use this VM too.

2) You can use yGuard to obfuscate your code. This will rename your methods and variables internally. So everything runs like it is coded but if you decompile the class file you will see functions like:
public a b(a aa, b bb) {
String c="";
return new a(c);

You can use yGuard by adding it to the libs directory, here is a howto:

Here is a minimal tutorial: http://www.centerkey.com/jboss/
and here is the official guide:

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