Compress TIFF image?

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i need to compress a big TIFF map about 1 GB ,
what application can i use?

i tried photoshop but that did not work!
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have a look here..

or you can convert TIFF file into jpg also having very less size.
Refer to this link

may be of help
Photoshop can certainly write compressed TIFF. But depending on what the image is like and what else you store (layers, etc.) the effect may be minimal.
That's likely what's happening, you're storing it as a compressed TIFF but didn't uncheck the option to store layers (or whatever it's called in your version of PS).

Converting it to JPEG will of course reduce file size but also degrade quality due to the lossy JPEG compression, unlike TIFF compression which is lossless.
Worse, whenever you open and save it in the future the quality reduction will only get worse as you're loosing ever more data.
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Have you tried just zipping it? Some TIF images compress quite readily with zip, others will not, but it's well worth trying.



thank you for answers, but i need i a sofware doing this and not zipping just tiff-->tiff
Compression of tif files can be done using LZW compression
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a 1gig image is HUGE for most software. Photoshop should be able to handle it, however. What settings are you using in Photoshop?
Otherwise, you'll need to move to another format. Compression and decompression of any file that size is going to be a lengthy, processor-intensive/RAM-intensive operation.
What lherrou said... Photoshop will do this, but if your computer isn't beefy enough it will probably crash during the process. Make sure you have the scratch disks and memory allowance set accordingly in the PS preferences.
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I agree lherrou, I see good information here.
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