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Hi Experts!

There is a lot of PHP gradient background generators out there...

But I'm looking for a similar solution that´s running client-side.

What I'm doing today:

There is a page with 1 to unlimited numbers of div's containing 1 to unlimited numbers of characters which are affecting the div height of course.

So I'm using a jQuery script that finds out the height of every div on the page, then it passes the values back to PHP and reloads the page and generating gradients with different heights and RGB values.

Wouldn't it be much easier (and faster?) to do this all client-side?

Is there any solution out there?

Thank you!
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Hi Aphx,

Back again eh? :)

CSS/PNG solution here:


Helloooo TheFoot! :D

The previous solution worked great!

I'm just trying to find a faster solution :)

You're tha man!
Glad to help!  Thanks for the points..

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