Where can i set the disclaimer notice in domino

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Hi there,

I am using Lotus Dominos 6.5. Currently, my users suggest to set the disclaimer notice in the footnote of the email. I have checked in the configuration document of the domino but i found no where.
please all instruction would be much appreciated.
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    Hi there dannycom,,,,

Please have a look at the following :
1- Server Congifuration Document===> select " Router/SMTP" tab ===> Click " Message Disclaimer" and work on it

2- Create a new policy :===> on the Lotus Domino Administrator ===> ( people & Group " tab===>click " settings" ===>click " Add Settings" ===> select " Mail"===> click the "Mail" tab ===>click " Message Disclaimer" and work on it

For more information go the Lotus Notes Administrator  click " Help"  then type the following the word " disclaimer"

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In ND6.5 you will need to get each user to add the disclaimer text to their signature, via mail preferences, signature.
In ND7 you can add disclaimers to outgoing mail using server configuration or client policies.
But, if you're stuck with ND6.5 it will have to be the users' signatures, set through mail preferences.
Alternatively, the mail template can be modified to include disclaimer text although this is a bigger job.
Hi there dannycom,,,,

Sorry,, the suggested solutions I posted recently were designed for LND8.

On the following link please get the " Workarround" solutions

Third party application :

Best Wishes
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I would double check the Admin client help - search for disclaimer.

I am pretty sure R 6.5 had this at the server level, but it has been a while since I used it.

I hope this helps !
In R6.5 you can add a disclaimer at the server level when using Domino Web Access, Full disclaimer functionality, server & client only came in with mail policies in ND7

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