Exchange 2003 Decomission issue

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Hi everyone,

when ever I try to uninstall the exchange 2003 from add/remove program I get an error message that "component micorsoft exchange messaging and collaboration services cannot be assigned the action Remove - one or more users currently use a mailbox store on this server. There users must be moved to a mailbox store on a different server".

I have checked and followed almost all the tutorials but every time I get this message also when i checked the store mailbox I can see only two mailbox microsoft system attendance and SMTP.

any help would be gr8  
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CHeck the below mnetioned link for the erro your are getting

Also check link on how to remove exchange manually from the server.

Also have a look on this article
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The error message means what it says - there is a user pointing to the store.
However as mailboxes are only created when they are needed, it is not unusual for a user to be mail enabled but no mailbox to show in ESM. You need to search the domain for that user. There are a number of methods to find that user, I have one at the end of my migration article:

I would exhaust all others before resorting to hacking out the server in adsiedit.

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Check the homeMDBBL attribute on the Mailbox Store properties through ADSIEDIT.msc & check if you get a username with a mailbox.
aslamsurveProject Manager

Check the attribute homeMDBBL in the properties of the mailbox store using ADSIEDIT.msc
Some time due to this system mailboxes (System Attendant, SMTP) we also get this error (ideally it should not) but still you can conder deleting those mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange System Objects folder of AD

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