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HI, below is my query..can anyone clearly explain to me
what the following wild characters are doing ?
1) select addressee from mytable where charindex(' ', reverse(addressee)) - 1 > 0
	and len(right(addressee, (charindex(' ', reverse(addressee)) - 1))) < 2
2) select postcode from mytable where postcode like '[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z] %'
3) select address1 from mytable where address1 like replicate('[0-9]',len(rtrim(ltrim(address1))))

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the first one checks where the space is in the field

the second one checks if the first 2 characters are upper or lowercase A-Z, followed by a space

the third one checks if all the digits are numerical (btw, nice trick, actually)
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thank you..

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