compile php to prevent tampering

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hi all

for some reason unknown to me one of our clients has requested to host his site in house. ok but he wants us to give him our source php code.  code by the way that has taken me over a year to fully develop to the stage it is at now.

does anyone know of a way that i can encrypt / compile the php so it cant be edited / copied / duplicated after being reskined on numerous sites,

sorry for the small amount of points i dont have many left
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sollution found

Ioncube and Zend Encode can get decrypted by hooking method. They are not actually compiling the code. They encrypt and obfuscate and let php extensions de-obfuscate / decrypt. If you hook PHP Zend engine, you can easily get the source code that sent to engine from extensions.

If you actually want to compile your application, i recommend to use phc or roadsend.

Good luck.

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