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I have finally moved all my mailboxes to our new Exchange 2007 servers. I am now in the process of decommisioning the Exchange 2003 environment. I have plenty of documentation on performing the process. However, I am stuck on the Public Folders. I performed a MoveAllReplicas and I still have 3 instances showing on the legacy server. There are no errors with logging turned up on both servers. The instances only show the Exchange 2007 server as the Replication server. the dates are all current. Under status for public folders it shows both servers. It has been about 4 days now and still nothing. I even set the timing to 1/2 minutes and the replica properties to 1 day.

I have dismounted and mounted the store on exchange 2003 with no affect to the clients. The OAB has already been moved to Exchange 2007.

The replication Status has 5 folders listed 2 System Folders and the 3 remaining Public folders.

Is there anything I can do or should I just wait it out?
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Well you can make sure all PF Contents are replicated to E2k7 server, then remove replica of E2k7 server from all PF Folders of E2k3 and keep your E2k3 server shutdown for 2-3 days and check if everything is working fine from E2k7 server then proceed with decommission.
aslamsurveProject Manager

Increase of diagnostic logging level on both the Exchange servers

(a) Increase the logging level to Maximum on the following diagnostic logging category:

" Replication AD Updates
" Replication Incoming Messages
" Replication Outgoing Messages
" Non-Delivery Reports
" Replication Backfill
" Replication General
" Transport Delivering
" Logons

Increase the logging level to Medium on the following diagnostic logging category:

"Replication Errors  

(b) To increase the diagnostic logging category on the Exchange 2007 server pls.. download
    from following link on the Exchange     2007 server

(c) Just create a new public folder on exchange 2003 server & post an item into it & check new item replicates to        the public folder on Exchange 2007 server

(d) If new item replicates then we can use the modifyitems tool to replicate old content....attached the modifyitem
    tool however still after following these steps the issue does not get resolved then proceed towards the followin
    troubleshooting steps.......

(e) Disable any 3rd party antivirus or spam filter services softwares e.g  GFI Essentials on both the exchange           servers

(f) Download the PFDavAdmin tool on the Exchange 2003 server from the following link...

(f) PFDAVAdmin 2.8 must be run on a computer that has the following:.NET Framework 1.1 Note:  
You can run PFDAVAdmin if you also have .NET Framework 2.0 on your computer. However, you do not have to have version 2.0 on the computer, but you must have .NET Framework 1.1 installed  for Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server, Windows XP, or Windows Server" 2003, Windows" Vista,Exchange 2000 Server, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2007

(g) Install the PFDavAdmin tool on Exchange 2003 server

(h) Using PFDAVAdmin to Correct Permissions Problems.... Attached is a word document with screen-shots to fix the        DACL state & remove item-level permissions from the public folders

(i) Perform recent changes of the public folders through Exchange System Manager with a no. of days to 9999

(j) Even if these steps do not work then dismount the public folder store on the exchange 2003 server, run isinteg -s " name of exchange 2003 server" -fix -test alltests for 3 times

(k) Mount the public folder store of the exchange 2003 server then again perform the recent changes through Exchange     System Manager with a no. of days to 9999

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All great solutions. The only problem being is that the public folders are all home to Exchange 2007. The only thing I see is the Public Folder instance. I can attempt to right click and remove replica but that is taking it slow.

All permissions are good, I created and moved a new public folder from E2K3 to E2K7 with no issues. I can't resend changes because there is only one replica on the Exchange 2007 server. Unless I need to add the Exchange 2003 server back and try again.

Right now I have the Public Folder Store offline to make sure people are connecting to the E2K7 PF. I will run some diags on it while I have it down.

Thanks and keep the ideas coming.
okay two things, checkout pfdavamin first

What are you after? What do you want to see.  the pf folder status?
Get-PublicFolder  -Recurse| Get-PublicFolderStatistics | select Name,itemCount,TotalItemSize,LastAccessTime | ft -auto


In order to remove the old legacy server I need to make sure all Public Folder Instances are gone on the old E2K3 server before I can remove Public Folders from that server. Am I not correct in saying this?
oh okay
on the exchange 2003 server, open up esm and navigate to the exchange servers with a public folder store.

Expand the public folder database, then open Public Folders first and then Public Folder Insances ... the hope is there is none.  

does thay help?


There are 3 still ther in the Public Folder Instances. They just don't want to leave.
okay, what are they.  do you have a replica with exchange 2007?

do they not exist under public folders?  .. This is a pain .. if they dont, you need to replicate them back to the server and wait for all the data to replicate ... then try and remote the replica again.

I have seen this before .. this normally happens when you replica and remove too quick


they all exist on the exchange 2007 PF and are accessable after I dismuont the PF databse on the old legacy server.
okay, but if you want to be "clean" you need to replicate back to 2003 or they will be orphaned


ok so I added the E2K3 server back as a replica. So now it shows both servers under replication. Shold I wait some time and then do another MoveAllReplicas?
yeah, wait until the item count & size on both are the same (ish)


all items are matching just the size is off by a couple kb here and there.


ok so I on one folder i check the folder properties. It lists only the E2K7 server under replication. The Status tab under public folders only shows the E2K7 server. Replication tab shows both servers where E2K3 server says In Sync and the E2K7 server says Both Modified. Public Folder Instances still lists the Folder.

I will check out the links.
aslamsurveProject Manager

These registry changes have to be created on both the Exchange servers
#Click Start, click Run, type regedit , and then click OK.
#Take a backup of the registry on the desktop location
#Expand the following registry key:
#Right-click MSExchangeTransport , point to New, and then click Key.
#Type Parameters , and then press ENTER to name the new key.
#Right-click Parameters , point to New, and then click DWORD value.
#Type SkipPublicMDBRestriction , and then press ENTER to name the value.
# Double-click SkipPublicMDBRestriction . In the Value data box, type 1 , and then click OK.
#Close Registry Editor.
# Restart both the Exchange servers


It ended up taking an additional 2 days but everything is finally gone.

thanks for all the help.

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