Setting the SFP modules on a 3750 switch

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I have to connect two 3750 switches (trunk) port together. Could someone explain how can I install a SFT module?
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Basically you just slide the SFP into the slot and then connect the cable. They are hot-swappable so you can install them while the router is running. Here is the actual cisco doc on installing a SFP

verify the interface shows up by running "sh ip int bri"

You can then configure the interface just as you would any other interface

cisco 3750 will have small SFT SX modules as below fashion

1 2
3 4

giga 1/0/1
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk
configure same on both switches and connect

use LC-LC multimode 62.5 MM cable and

sh int giga 1/0/1 and check the status

let me know

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