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I have a question that I do not even know where to start.

We have a program in my company that runs queries from the backend of the intergrated system.  The program is called Showcase.

Currently the procedure is to click on hyperlinks in the access databases to run those queries which opens the showcase application and cues you to enter a password.  Then you need to run the query.

There are a few other queries that exsists outside the database, and when click to run it the query opens the application then cues for a password.  The difference with this version you do not have to select to run it.  I kicks automatically.

I would like to find a way using possibly VBA in my access databases to create sub routine that would kick this program off and auto fill the password.  I then would use the scheduled tasks application in my OS to run it without manually kicking it off.

I do appreciate any help.  
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A Hyperlink cannot be made to run code directly.
So getting it to open ShowCase may be as far as you'll get.
You may have heard that "SendKeys" in VBA will be able to do this.
Sendkeys has all sorts of issues, and I would never trust it to work "Across" two applications.

The first thing you should do is contact the Makers of ShowCase and ask them if entering the password can be automated. (or otherwise Hardcoded).



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