Groupwise 6.5 Memory Leak

Mick Finley
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I have Groupwise 6.5 running on Novell Open Enterprise Server, Netware 6.5.  I know it's I won't be upgrading, just trying to make it last a couple more months.  There is a NLM called GWINTER.nlm that gradually takes all memory.  I have to restart every couple of days when school is slow, 2x a day if in the middle of the semester.  It seems mass emails to e.g. all students/all employees will amplify this problem.  Is there an easy fix aside from upgrading to Netware 8 or GW 7?
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Gwinter.nlm is the Webaccess piece of GroupWise. Novell has fixed memory allocation errors with Webaccess more than once. You might be able to correct the problem by patching your GW 6.5 to the latest support pack (sp6 I believe). There are also some post-sp6 fixes, check selecting GroupWise | version 6.5 as your search criteria.

If patching isn't an option and/or you're only interested in limping it along until you switch systems, you can try reallocating the memory that the NLM is using instead of restarting the server. Do MONITOR at the console, select Loaded Modules, find GWINTER.NLM and press F4. You could also set up a cron job to unload gwinter and then reload it, at whatever interval you feel is appropriate.
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Thanks for you advice, simple and worked.

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